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“Arrakis. Dune. Desert planet “

The time for the film adaptation of Dune (2021) by Denis Villeneuve is fast approaching! The film just premiered at the 78th Venice International Film Festival and received rave reviews calling it “epic” and “made for the theater”, which is very exciting, but I’m not here to write about the upcoming movie. . I am here to implore you to read Frank Herbert’s legendary science fiction novel, “Dune” (1965).

Do you like Star Wars? Game Of Thrones? Science fiction? High fantasy? Religion? Politics? Technology? Ecology? Toward? TOWARD?

Well then Dune is the book for you. Originally published by Herbert as a three-part series in the magazine “Analog Science Fiction” from December 1963 to February 1964, the novel was released to the general public in 1965, fundamentally changing the landscape of science writing. -fiction similar to what Tolkien did with The Lord. Rings for the fantasy genre. It’s a game-changing novel that captivates and fascinates from start to finish, which makes perfect sense as it is the world’s best-selling sci-fi novel of all time.

The plot of Dune is extremely complex. Set in the distant future where space travel is possible and where noble houses rule planets through fiefdoms, the multi-level story revolves around Paul Atreides, heir apparent to House Atreides, after his father, Duke Leto, accepted ownership of the harsh desert planet Arrakis. This planet is the solitary source of the coveted blend, or “spice,” which makes space travel possible and prolongs human life, mental capacity, and physical strength.

Spice mining is difficult on Arrakis due to its inhabitants of sandworms, vicious mountain-sized creatures that roam the dunes and are drawn to spice mining. Needless to say, with the Atreids being the strongholds of the rulers of Arrakis, this is a challenge in itself that is further complicated by betrayal, conspiracy, and their sadistic rival, House Harkonnen. What I have summarized so far is only the tip of the iceberg as there are other fallen people, organizations and forces with their own agendas working against the Atreids.

I lost you ? Do you still have a headache?

I sure hope not, because while Dune launches alien concepts along with words and phrases that will swing you to and from the Annex, the rewards of this difficult and complex novel are so rich and satisfying it’s worth. worth reading. I really can’t remember the last time I read a story that kept me so engaged and invested in multiple characters while being really empowering in his ruminations on politics, religion, and technology. Herbert draws on a wide range of religions like Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism to tell a story of intergalactic proportions humans have never witnessed before. Another impressive facet of Dune is the way it takes inspiration from ancient languages ​​like Latin, Hebrew, and Old English (which I only composed as a Latin student after watching a TED video. -Ed on the novel).

It is immensely fascinating with its allegorical elements, its interpersonal dialogue, its abundant symbolism, its allusions to today’s society and, above all, its pleasant history. Plus, the most ironic part of the book is how it asks you to understand all of this heavy lingo, but has characters named Paul, Jessica, and Duncan. Hysterical.

In short, this book is unlike anything I’ve ever read and a must-see pioneer of its kind worth the time, both head-turning terminology and sand worms.

Dune has been the subject of troubled film and television adaptations since the 1970s, with Franco-Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky unsuccessfully attempting to adapt the novel into a nearly fourteen-hour film with Paul played by the director’s son and Pink Floyd scoring the film. David Lynch also tried it with his cult-classic adaptation in 1984 which opened up to bad reviews, but I hope Denis Villeneuve can pull it off.

Again, this article is not about the movie. It’s about reading the book, so just read Dune. You will not regret it.


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