Illustrated Children’s Book on Inclusivity/Diversity | Pre-K Story Launch

This new release is Schmitt-Bylandt’s third children’s book release and features a story of unlikely cooperation and acceptance of difference. Featuring colorful characters and a valuable moral lesson, the new book is ideal for kindergarten to elementary readers.

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This children’s book was launched as another in Schmitt-Bylandt’s line of inspiring and easy-to-digest children’s literature, which is based on her experiences as a mother. Her books are designed for children who are learning to read and for families who enjoy spending time together while reading.

Studies have shown that reading to children at a young age and introducing them to moral lessons early can help develop healthy imaginations and social skills. Between the ages of 2 and 10, children are particularly open to learning and absorbing information from the media to which they are exposed, which is why quality children’s literature is so important.

Schmitt-Bylandt crafted a story in this book that features an unlikely pair of friends, a lion and a giraffe, learning to accept and celebrate the differences between them and to work together. It also emphasizes the importance of socialization and academic curiosity through a storyline that sees these characters explore the world around them.

At 42 pages long, this book is perfect as a bedtime reader for kindergartners or as a first short novel for first and second graders. Along with his other books, this one will instill positive lessons in its readers and teach them to cooperate with those around them, however different they may be.

Astrid Schmitt-Bylandt is a speaker and mother of twins who began her career as a children’s author during the pandemic, writing several books that draw on her experiences as a parent during lockdown. She seeks to write books that her own children would enjoy above all else, making for high quality and insightful writing.

Despite its recent release, “Ratzeputz and Zuri” has already garnered universal praise and five-star reviews. An Amazon reviewer said, “A great story of friendship, proving that no matter who you are or where you’re from, you can always support each other and follow your dreams!”

To learn more, visit 2C59&sr=8-3

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