DC’s Human Target is a “Sexy Pulp Romance Justice League” story


Tom King says the next Human Target series will feature the trials and struggles of Christopher Chance “learning to live just in time to die”.

Tom King described his next take on DC Black Label on The Human Target as a story combining luscious vibes with transcendent reverie, with a bit of Justice League mixed in.

The human target is a series of transcendent beauty about a man who learns to live just in time to die, ”King wrote on Twitter, explaining that DC asked him for a blurb to tease the series. “It’s about being alone and being in love; it’s about knowing exactly where you are going and not knowing where you are. It’s a filthy, sexy luscious romance about the Justice League, and it’s the next real comic book obsession. “

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King’s description of the book was included in a series of tweets on DC Nation’s Twitter account promoting The human targetNovember release. Series artist Greg Smallwood also stepped in, calling the work a “visual juxtaposition full of possibilities.”

King and Smallwood’s version The human target will show up for 12 issues and feature Christopher Chance, the man nicknamed the “Human Target” for his unusual occupation of protecting high profile clients from assassination attempts by disguising himself as them. Over the course of the series, Chance will face the fallout from his own murder – a bizarre event that occurs after he is hired to protect Lex Luthor. Previews of the book also suggest that Chance will cross paths with members of the Justice League International, including Batman, Black Canady, Martian Manhunter, and Mister Miracle.

Chance has grappled with the consequences of his unorthodox profession on a regular basis in the past, becoming addicted to the lives of his clients and often wondering where his own personality ends and where his client’s personality begins. King’s description indicates that the new Black Label series will continue this trend, which was developed in the various Vertigo de Chance series written by Peter Milligan, starting in 1999 and ending in 2005 with the art of Edvin Biuković, Javier Pulido. and Cliff Chiang.

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The human target made its debut in the years 1972 Action comics # 419 in the story “The Assassin-Express Contract”, written by Len Wein and illustrated by Carmine Infantino and Dick Giordano. He was a regular presence in backup tales in The brave and the daring in the ’80s, and remained relatively obscure until Milligan resurrected him for his first Vertigo miniseries.

Besides his comic book appearances, Christopher Chance has also appeared on the small screen on several occasions. ABC produced a short run Human target series in 1992, while Fox premiered its own version in 2010.

The human target # 1, from King and Smallwood with cover variations from Trevor Hairsine, Danny Miki and Jenny Frison, goes on sale November 2.

HUMAN TARGET # 1 (of 12)

  • History of TOM KING
  • GREG SMALLWOOD pencils and inks
  • Main cover by GREG SMALLWOOD
  • Cardstock Variant Covers by TREVOR HAIRSINE, DANNY MIKI
  • Report variant cover 1 of 25 by JENNY FRISON
  • On sale Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Cover The Human Target 1

Human target cover 2

Cover The Human Target 3

Cover The Human Target 4

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